In An Accident? Know Your Rights!


Car accidents are very scary but navigating the system afterward can be even scarier. What rights do you have? What constitutes suffering and mental anguish? Is it negligence at the fault of the defendant? Can you sue the defendant for medical malpractice? I will answer all these questions and more throughout our entire claims process.  Insurance companies are too often concerned with benefiting their bottom line, leaving their policyholders at a disadvantage and helpless.  That’s where we come in!  Even the most responsible motorists can face accidents or injury in a moments notice, so fighting the insurance companies on your own is an uphill battle but with the right help and preparation from Alan Moss Law, you will have a chance to succeed!

For non-automobile accidents, personal injury covers defamation, dog bites and other injuries! Personal injury law covers court cases where monetary compensation is requested by a plaintiff who fell victim to an accident.  The defendant is the individual or organization that caused the injury.  Does this sound like your situation? Get hurt on the job? Don’t hesitate to call Alan Moss! Your boss won’t be happy, but you will rest easy knowing that your health, financial security, and peace of mind are at ease!


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