What You Should Know To Protect Yourself Online


Everyone has a website today. Whether it’s a Facebook page, YouTube channel, or a LinkedIn account. These are personal pages with certain rights and responsibilities. We will protect your intellectual property as if it were our own.  However, when creating a website people often have questions about domain names, logos, and copyright concerns. This area of law is actually brand new and always changing. Cyber security, copyright infringement, all of this is scary territory for web users.  What do I need to know about website agreements?  Why can’t I just use a Terms of Use agreement?  These questions, among others, are questions that come up very frequently and I can provide you with the right answers!

The internet never seems to stop expanding and therefore companies that conduct business online need to proceed with caution.  For a proactive approach to internet law, Alan Moss can help keep you out of harm’s way! Our client base is made up of a large variety of digital media and ecommerce companies, so our experience and knowledge of the industry is current, but also adaptable to any new changes in the field.  Call Alan Moss Law so you don’t get trapped in a web of uncertainty!