What Aspects Of Scuba Law Do We Handle?


For decades now scuba diving has become a widely popular recreation activity, and for other people even a career.   When under the sea, a person can experience the bends, can get lost at sea or can have trouble with breathing apparatus. Tragedies can find anyone at any time.  However, with proper training and guidance from professional scuba divers, the number of these instances can be dramatically reduced.  If equipment fails, divers can die.  If supervisors or instructors are negligent, divers can also die.  Whatever the cause of injury or death may be, our Scuba Diving Law services are here to help you get the justice you deserve.

As required by law, dive companies must follow strict policies, guidelines, and procedures to ensure the safety of their divers.  However, in certain cases, the injuries caused due to the negligence or faulty equipment can be prevented.

What is your responsibility to your diving buddy? Do you have any rights under the sea? Do you have to be certified? What are you liable for? Ask me Alan Moss, I’m a professional scuba diver that specializes in the laws of scuba diving. I also own and maintain  A-1 Scuba Diving. Don’t think scuba divers need lawyers? Come up for some air and we’ll talk.


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