What Should You Know Before Starting A Business?


When starting a business it’s vital to know the legal rights one has and the ultimate choice one has in starting a small business. Is it best to form a nonprofit, proprietor, a partner or start a corporation? How is it done? Should I form a limited liability corporation (LLC), “S”, or “C” Corporation?  What are the pros and cons of each?  How much will it cost?  What makes a business legal? I have expertise in this area and I would be glad to help someone go from running a lemonade stand to owning a lemonade store.

I can walk you through all the laws to start and more importantly maintain a successful business. Additionally, we will work closely with you and your partners to file licensing documents and other integral paperwork in order to be officially recognized.  After your business is up and running, don’t think we’re gone!  Our techniques, expertise, and guidance will be with you even as your customers are rolling in!

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