Our Civil Litigation Services

If you find yourself embroiled in a legal dispute with the goal of seeking money or other non-criminal sanctions, a civil litigator is what you need at your side! If you can’t apply criminal sanctions or choose not to dabble in a criminal case, you can bring a civil case. When you are in need of a civil litigator, Alan Moss will guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. The key to a successful litigation process is determining whether the case is better suited for court, or better settled outside the courtroom via arbitrations or mediations. When you seek the counsel of Alan Moss, you will be receiving that professionalism and advice.

After years of experience in the industry and honorary degrees from highly-regarded universities, Alan Moss Law is equipped and eager to assist you throughout your litigation process. Our goal is to help our clients achieve cost-effective legal solutions, whether it be in or out of the courtroom. If our plans to reach settlements outside court are not successful, we are prepared to fight for our client’s rights in the courtroom! To begin preparations for your winning litigation case, call a representative from Alan Moss Law today.